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We met on Grindr and hooked up few hours later. As soon as we had peaked, I had a quick shower and left his apartment.

On my way out, I opened the app and blocked him. I did not have his phone number, he didn't have mine either. …

Medusa, Fuck SHIT UP!

First of all, it’ll never be your fault it happened. Heck! You don’t know how it happened. But you cannot blame yourself and you will not blame yourself.

You make sure you tell everyone who is remotely interested in you sexually. Not because you don’t want…

Ten years ago.

After my dad walked in on our mother’s fucking, each of the lives of both family members changed forever. Otire heeded his dad’s warnings to stay away from me and stopped being my friend. I did not know this at the time until very recently. …

12:39 pm

The map told me I had arrived at my destination. There were only four houses in the beach-house estate, and I parked my car in the driveway of the biggest house, on that lane. A black Volkswagen bug had just parked at the remaining spot under the thatched roof shed-garage.


I had gotten to the beach apartment two days before my friends. It was going to be a long week of partying, adulthood and uncertainties. I had taken the vacation to sort a lot of things going through my head.

I got the room key from the host assistant and…

I was at the reception area when Ivan called to let me know he was waiting by my car. I picked up my bag and waved goodnight at the receptionist who was on the phone.

When I got to my car, Ivan arched a brow. …


“Want to hear something funny?”


“I think I’ve started liking you.”

You’re a walking, talking reason to live.

I swear, I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I said it either.

I am not used to guys making me blush, and I wasn’t sure why thoughts of him…

Another Conversation With My Mom

“Oya, come closer,” I said as I brought out my phone.

“Why?” my mother asked.

Sellvie with my rose modeh na,” I said in my Jenifa accent.

Duro! Duro! Let me comb my hair well. These curls must show.”

“Gawd! Woman, thou art vain. Who is looking at you sef?!”…


I could hear it laughing at me from across the house, hiding in the toiletries cupboard. It laughed and taunted even as I laid in bed, staring at the ceiling. Trying to ignore its jeering. …

The Weirdest Conversation

Ko! Ko!! Ko!!!

Brought back to earth by the knock on my toilet door, I inquired tersely, “Taani?!” Who is that?!

Even though I knew who it was, I didn’t want to believe it was her. Prior to that moment, I had barred her from entering my room, my sanctuary…


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